Links in God’s Chain

Last Friday night our church had an outdoor movie night. Our church is blessed to have an outdoor venue called “The Grove” that features a stage, great sound system, and a high definition jumbotron like the ones you see at stadiums. People come in cars and golf... read more

How to do Contentment

We live in a land of plenty! We are blessed to live in a country where you can drive a short distance to have a meal prepared and brought right to your table in just a short time. Look at a typical restaurant menu and think about the wide variety of food choices... read more

A $1 Book.

Two weeks ago my wife and I went to a local thrift shop. Shopping at this store is a favorite activity for my wife who likes to look for inexpensive items to decorate our house or give to someone as a gift.  Although I’m not as enamored as my wife is with second-hand... read more

Beyond Virtual Worship (Part 2)

In my last post, I discussed the concept of “virtual worship”: something that on the outside looks real, but at its heart is more about satisfying our own desires than actually approaching, submitting to, and experiencing God. Real worship engages our emotions, mind,... read more

Beyond Virtual Worship (part 1)

There is nothing that compares to experiencing God in worship, whether we are alone or with other believers!  Worship can be a profoundly moving and sweet time that transports us from the cares of this life into the kingdom realm of the one true God who reigns over... read more

A Precious Commodity.

Although Christ-followers have a bright and glorious eternity before us, God daily gives us a precious commodity that burns away faster than high-test fuel in a race car. That commodity is time. It’s interesting that we use phrases that refer to time just like it was... read more

Arm Raisers

I’m thankful for the arm raisers God has put in my life. Sometimes life can be an outright battle. For most people, stress levels rise and fall like the ocean tide. One of the dangers of being a parent, friend, in work, school, or in ministry is that we can internally... read more

Imagine This.

God has blessed us with the ability to imagine things that have not yet happened. Jules Verne once imagined a machine that could take people into space. Not only has that vision become a reality, but today plans are being made for robotic spacecraft to land on Mars... read more

Keep it Level.

I fondly remember the times with my dad working on projects together: renovating a basement, building a playhouse for my kids, installing plumbing, and more. He was a skilled carpenter, pipe fitter, and project manager as well as being a man who loved God. Dad was... read more

Whatever and Whenever.

A week ago I was recording new music with some great musicians in a recording studio. Today I am serving in our church office answering phone calls. But more on that later… The past few weeks have been both full and fulfilling. From precious time with family... read more