What God puts before us

This week I invite you to listen to my original song “I Will Love You ” for your enjoyment as you read this week’s blog. On Christmas Day Terese and I boarded a plane for a week in Minnesota to be with our family for the holidays. We planned to spend a quiet week... read more

Merry Christmas!

A few years ago I sat down at a piano and recorded an instrumental version of “Silent Night”. I am including this recording along with a favorite Christmas blog, “The Christmas Angel”. I... read more

The Stress of the Season

(This week I include my original Christmas song “You Are Jesus” for your enjoyment as you read this week’s blog) As beautiful Christmas is, there may be times when we feel overwhelmed and tempted to... read more

Shopping Carts and Bumper Stickers

This week I am sharing the original song “Season of Light” with you. Enjoy! The holiday season can often present circumstances and choices that reveal who we really are. Yesterday I was in the... read more

Three Years and Counting!

I appreciate all the people who read my weekly blog on and those who follow my posts on Facebook and Twitter!  This week I’m including the song “Grace Unleashed “ for reasons that will be obvious as you read on.... read more

Every bite

Several years ago a few students spoke at our church’s Sunday services about a mission trip to Haiti they had just completed.  From their emotional accounts of the trip, I knew it had been a life-changing experience for them. The words of one of the students, however,... read more

The Ride

Last week we had the opportunity to spend a day at Disneyworld with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons Wynden and Brae. It was a near-perfect day, and we stored up countless memories of our time together. Seeing our grandsons meet Mickey Mouse (who actually... read more

From the Archives – Bob Williams

“Several years ago I had the privilege of serving as a part-time special projects musician in the International Ministries of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).  The Director of the International Ministries, Reverend Bob Williams, was an amazing... read more


Think for a moment about those countries that your government has determined to be enemies of the state. Perhaps their leader is a ruthless, corrupt dictator who spews threats or has orchestrated evil acts against other people or countries. Maybe the country itself... read more


You can tell any guitarist who regularly plays their instrument by looking at their fingertips. Practiced guitarists have fingers that are characterized by thick, toughened skin known as callouses. New guitar students typically experience sharp, piercing pain in their... read more