Arm Raisers

I’m thankful for the arm raisers God has put in my life. Sometimes life can be an outright battle. For most people, stress levels rise and fall like the ocean tide. One of the dangers of being a parent, friend, in work, school, or in ministry is that we can internally... read more

Imagine This.

God has blessed us with the ability to imagine things that have not yet happened. Jules Verne once imagined a machine that could take people into space. Not only has that vision become a reality, but today plans are being made for robotic spacecraft to land on Mars... read more

Keep it Level.

I fondly remember the times with my dad working on projects together: renovating a basement, building a playhouse for my kids, installing plumbing, and more. He was a skilled carpenter, pipe fitter, and project manager as well as being a man who loved God. Dad was... read more

Whatever and Whenever.

A week ago I was recording new music with some great musicians in a recording studio. Today I am serving in our church office answering phone calls. But more on that later… The past few weeks have been both full and fulfilling. From precious time with family... read more

Civility and Grace

The level of political discourse in the United States has been ratcheted to new levels of ugly incivility. The strident messages coming from people across the political spectrum have crossed the line of the right to voice political viewpoints and differences into the... read more

Human Trafficking – You Can Fight It.

I’ve been in the studio all week working on the new “Living Oaks” recording. I’m really excited about the new music—the best I’ve ever done— and look forward to sharing it with you in the future. This blog is one I wrote earlier and hope it will inspire you to find... read more

Developing A Healthy Thought Life

My wife is a very disciplined eater. Terese is faithful to a low-carb diet, so she eats lots of healthy salads and vegetables and avoids things like hamburger buns and high-fat foods. She makes choices each day that fit into her goal of maintaining a healthy... read more

Attacks and Storms

Izzy, our Cairn terrier, marked her 10th birthday last week.  Not that I am biased, but Izzy is the smartest, cutest, and most people-friendly dog in the world! For Izzy’s birthday, Terese baked her favorite “Johnny Cake” (cornbread) that we all shared—see the picture... read more

On the Spot Prayers

I continue to discover that worshiping God is all about being available and obedient to His promptings—whenever and wherever they come. This is especially true in the area of prayer. Last weekend my wife and I attended the graduation party for the beautiful daughter... read more

Medals of Honor

Earlier this month our entire family gathered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to watch our daughter Annie receive her college diploma. We all celebrated Annie’s stellar college career and cheered her on as she moved into the next chapter of her life. In addition to all our... read more