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Last weekend Terese and I (with a team of some of our musician friends) had the privilege of leading worship at the Converge Women’s Fall Refreshment event. Our time of worship was authentic, moving, and Spirit-filled!  It was amazing to hear several hundred women lifting their hearts and voices in praise to God, and we heard many stories of how God was changing lives through the course of the weekend.

I invited the women in attendance to join me as guest bloggers this week. I asked them to share their thoughts on worship via post-it notes that were placed on my guitar case. The response was great, and this week I will share their wisdom on the question “What is worship?” Here are some of their responses:

“Worship to me is this: trying to wrap my brain around who God is and praising Him for it. It’s submitting to Him and standing in awe of His glory” (Sarah)

Worship is:
“Uniting my heart with God’s”

“ The perfect form of surrender”

“Allowing my heart to open up and sing praise and thanksgiving to the Lord”

“When you stop and focus on the fact that God is King of the World”

“Worship is what you do at all times in life…”

“To beg God to make me exactly like Him in every way because I’m proud to be His child”

“To love God with your ALL”

“Allowing God in”

One woman reminded us that worship is letting go and letting God renew us through the Holy Spirit within. Here are some more words of wisdom on worship:

“Praise God within your whole heart”

“Worship: Be still and know that I am God”

“ Worship is living in awe of Christ”

“Worship is calming”

“Authentic worship—humble hearts”

“(hearts symbol) Our connection to HIS Heart!”

“worship brings me calm and fills me up with what I need”

“Worship means giving praise to God the Almighty through song, prayer, reading Scripture, or just sitting and being with God…listening”

“Nature is a symphony of worship”

“Worship is an outward display of an inward affection for Jesus”

“Worship is my happy place”

“It’s my connection to Christ—my freeest point”

“Worship—lights a fire inside my soul”

“Worshipping is a smile”

“Let us overflow with joy in the Lord! Yippee!! (With a happy face symbol!)

“Beautiful music”

“Worship is a lifestyle, not an event”

“ Praise to our God- Spirit-filled music, rapture to God”

“Worship is…Being drawn into the awesome presence of our Creator—The King of kings and Lord of lords”

I thank God for these precious people and pray that the worship that we gave to God will grow and resonate through our lives in the days and weeks to come.

God bless you!

Chris Atkins