downloadIn the aftermath of a contentious and difficult election in the United States, there remains a cacophony of voices flooding our ears with messages across the spectrum of political viewpoints.

I have no desire to be one more voice in a sea of opinions telling people what to think or how to react. I pray I will not be like one of Job’s friends who gave unsolicited, ill-advised, and just-plain-wrong counsel to a man who was trying to make sense of God and life in the midst of change, uncertainty, loss, and suffering.

Whether or not our desired candidates won or lost, or where we think this country is headed, it seems to me that we’re all trying to make sense of where we are right now in this country and in life.

In the turbulent sea of conflicting voices, I see a lifeboat that beckons us to come aboard.  The voice of the boat’s Captain keeps calling with words that resonate deep within me:

“Be still and know that I am God. “

In these times of strident reactions, hardening battle lines, and incendiary words, perhaps we would do well to take time to quiet the outside voices and listen for God. Then listen TO God.

God spoke to Job after the pollution of flawed human advice and the din of noise of his own thoughts had passed. Job ultimately learned that God’s voice is the only one that matters.

It is an awesome thing to consider that God desires to meet with and speak to us!  For this to happen, however, each of us must make the daily decision to quiet the cacophony of voices—from outside and within—so that we can be ready to hear God’s voice.  But it doesn’t end there.

In the book “Celebration of Discipline” Richard Foster writes about the beautiful practice of daily reading, listening to, and reflecting on God’s Word. Reading and meditating on His Word is a precious gift and way to hear from and experience God. The writer of Psalm 119 eloquently put it this way:

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you… I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.”  Psalm 119:11, 15

Meditating on God’s Word fills our hearts and minds, leads us to experience God more fully, and redirects our lives so we can successfully navigate through life. It requires some time, but is worth every moment!

In the sea of voices beckoning for your attention, I invite you to seek the only One whose voice really matters: God.

With thanks,

Chris Atkins

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