In my last post I wrote how God communicates to us not just in the big things of life, but also—and even especially—in day-to-day moments and situations. This is a gift from God imparted not just to a select few, but for all who open themselves to Jesus Christ and His living, abiding presence.

This past week my wife and I were talking to a friend, Sue, who shared her story and gave me permission to tell it here. I love how it shows that God’s promptings to and obedience by one person can lead to meaningful, life-changing encounters that display His love and care for someone else.

The story began in early January when Sue’s mother passed away. It was a sad and difficult time for Sue, as she and her mother had lived together and were very close.  Her grieving became even more intense when the day arrived in early March for Sue to mail the urn containing her mother’s ashes to family in a far-away city for burial. She decided to go a post office some distance away—even though there were other locations closer to her home. “The people there were always warm and friendly” Sue told me as she explained her decision to go to this particular post office, which had become her favorite.

That same day another woman, Lois, felt nudged to finally mail a package. It was a box that had sat on her countertop for weeks, but due to various circumstances Lois hadn’t yet made the trip. Suddenly she sensed God’s still, small voice within instructing her to “go mail that box now.” Being a person of faith, Lois left her house and made her way to the post office station—the same one that Sue had just arrived at.

Sue waited in line for her turn to go to one of the three windows at the post office. When it was finally her turn, she approached the postal employee and explained what she was mailing. The clerk politely explained that United States Postal Service requires special papers to be completed in order to mail human ashes and gave Sue the necessary forms for her to complete. Sue moved over to adjacent, vacant window and began weeping as she tried to fill out the forms. She stood, apologizing to the clerk, as the tears continued. She felt alone and lost in her grief.

Then she felt someone’s arms enfold her.

It was Lois.

She had been behind Sue in line, and now was at the next window. When she heard and saw Sue’s weeping and tears, she was moved to go over to her and put her arm around her.

Sue felt immediate comfort and was able to finish the paperwork—with Lois beside her—until she was able to give her mother’s remains to the postal employee. The burden of Sue’s final goodbye to her mother was lightened by a dear woman, Lois, who had been led to the same place at the same time for God’s divine, loving purpose.

The two women walked outside together, where Lois asked if she could pray for Sue. In a time of prayer on a sidewalk outside of a United States Post Office, God gave Sue peace beyond her human understanding, as she experienced His voice say to her, “everything is okay”. Sue went back to her home that day with peace.

This story continues today. Lois and Sue remain dear friends who support each other in their faith journeys with Jesus Christ.

I believe God’s power is available to all people who open themselves to Jesus Christ and then obediently go wherever and whenever God prompts them, just as Lois did.

The Bible describes Christ-followers as “jars of clay” containing the priceless treasure: Jesus Christ (see 2 Corinthians 4:6-8). When we immerse ourselves in God, through His Word, Holy Spirit, and with our believers, we enter into a new relationship where we are empowered to bring the love of God to other people—in big and little ways.

I hope to share more stories of God’s loving power in action to encourage you to experience it yourself!

God bless you!

Chris Atkins