Thanks for faithfully following my weekly blog on living an everyday life of worship! I appreciate all the kind words, ideas, and suggestions that so many people have given me. This week I hope you’ll allow me a few minutes to present my new book that was published earlier this year. Consider using this book as a gift to bless someone at Christmas.  I’ll be back with my regular blog next week. 

Blessings to you! 


The Isaiah Encounter by Chris AtkinsIn June 2016 my book, The Isaiah Encounter: Living an Everyday Life of Worship”, was published by Morgan James Publishing in New York.

The Isaiah Encounter draws lessons for living a life of worship based on Isaiah’s momentous face-to-face encounter with God

About The Isaiah Encounter

Imagine meeting God! Yes, the One who spoke His word and everything came into being. God!

This is exactly what happened to a man named Isaiah, a prophet who lived more than 2,600 years ago. Isaiah’s ministry was defined by a life-changing encounter with God, as described in the sixth chapter of the Book of Isaiah. This momentous event in Isaiah’s life provides insights about God-directed, authentic worship.

There are sixty-six chapters in the Book of Isaiah. The sixty chapters that follow this event are a testament to the fact that Isaiah’s life was given to God as an act of worship. This event was one link in a long chain of Isaiah’s lifelong commitment to worshipping and serving God.

God is asking you and me to enter into the same worship experience that Isaiah knew: approach God in worship, surrender ourselves, experience God, and activate a living worship of God every day in every way.

God created worship so that we can know Him and be in relationship with Him. Authentic worship is about being a person whose life―every thought, word, and action―reflects and points to the ultimate “worth-ship” of God. Isaiah discovered this truth in a most amazing way. In The Isaiah Encounter, learn from Isaiah’s experience about living an everyday life of worship.

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