“I cannot deny what I have seen with my own eyes.”

Many people who saw Jesus in action voiced similar words when confronted by religious and secular governing officials. These people saw Jesus bring sight to those who were blind, healing to those who were desperately ill or incapacitated, and even life to those who had died. They saw him feed thousands of people with a few small fish and loaves of bread, turn water into wine, and even calm a ferocious storm at sea. One Bible writer stated there were SO many miracles Jesus performed that the world couldn’t hold all the books that would need to be written if each one was recounted (see John 21:25).

When threatened with beatings and even death by authorities unless they recanted their words, these people chose to endure imprisonment, torture, and even martyrdom over denying Jesus and his power.

In all these astonishing works, Jesus was being who He was and is—God in the flesh. He is the One who created, overrules, and sustains all things seen and unseen, is infinitely capable of doing what we humans call “miracles.” The Bible states that God the Father, with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same God who did the miracles of the past is still doing them today, and will continue to do them in the future! He is the One and Only Miracle Maker.

I cannot deny what I have seen with my own eyes. I have witnessed God at work in miraculous ways. I have prayed at the bedside of a comatose woman in hospice— with the family preparing to grieve her passing— only to see her days later very much alive, to the astonishment of her attending physicians. I have stood with other Christ-followers as we prayed over a dear friend whose advanced cancer left him with a grim prognosis. I recently saw him—eight years later—praising God, whose healing touch still has him cancer-free. I have seen God answer our prayers when our ministry’s financial resources were nearly depleted, to receive a phone call 10 minutes later from someone (out of the blue) offering a large donation. I have seen people delivered from illnesses and dire circumstances. Sometimes God’s instruments of His power were people who came at just the right time. Other times God demonstrated His overwhelming love and power in ways beyond human comprehension.

It’s interesting to note that there were two reactions to Jesus’ mighty works when He walked the earth. On one hand there were people who believed and were forever changed by what they witnessed. On the other hand there were other people whose cynical, skeptical, or rationalizing personal filters led them to harden their hearts as they walked away from Jesus and his miraculous works.

It’s the same today! Processing God’s extraordinary works requires humility that acknowledges that there are limitations to our understanding. We must recognize that some things remain unexplainable, even to the best human minds. The Bible states that God’s wisdom is far above human understanding.

There’s also a danger that we will want the miracles of God more than we actually want God. Some people have tried to put God under their thumb by demanding He does something they want, with no real interest in following Him. God doesn’t operate that way—He bows to no one’s demands. That being stated, God is abundantly gracious and powerful to respond to anyone who earnestly cries out to Him. God loves to reveal Himself to all who seek and need Him.

The greatest miracles I have seen are people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ!  God can take our messed-up, broken lives and give us a new heart, a new hope, and a bright future.

I am one of those people, so I can attest firsthand that He can do this for you.

I don’t know what miracle you need today. However, I do know the Miracle Maker, Jesus Christ, who is more than capable and willing to touch your life and circumstances with His powerful, healing hand.

God bless you as you earnestly seek God, the Miracle Maker.

Chris Atkins