A few years ago I sat down at a piano and recorded an instrumental version of “Silent Night”. I am including this recording along with a favorite Christmas blog, “The Christmas Angel”.

I pray that Christ will fill your heart, mind, and being with His presence, love, and peace.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Angel

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One of our family’s favorite Christmas decorations is a 3-foot tall angel (see picture). It is a magnificent piece of art with an intricately woven gown, feathered wings that pulse and glow, and a beautifully crafted porcelain face. It’s been our family tradition to place the angel inside our house near the entry to greet our guests and to remind us of the real meaning of Christmas.

One day a few years ago our then-new puppy Izzy came bounding around the corner and ran smack into the angel, sending it tumbling to the floor. The face of the angel was shattered into several pieces, leaving a gaping hole that made the angel unpresentable. My wife tried covering the face with a veil, but it was readily apparent that it would never be the same. It was simply beyond our ability to fix it.

Enter Bruce.

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