I would love for you to enjoy my song, Undying Love as you read and meditate on this post.

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The first side of the “scale” of worship is weighted with the awareness that God is God and we are not. When we fully grasp that His vastness and being are so far beyond us, we will be led to bow our hearts, minds, and beings before Him.  But the worship scale is also equally balanced by the weight of this Scripture:

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (1 John 3:1).

A pastor friend recently reminded me that this infinitely big God, The Great I AM, chose to become a human embryo smaller than the dot inside this parenthesis: (   .   )

That is the size of an early human embryo.

God did this out of crazy, infinite love for you and me.

The worship scale is countered-weighted with the experiential knowledge that God left his eternal position and became a real man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. In Jesus, God Himself paid the ultimate price of death for our flawed and tarnished being so that we can have a new, perfect, and eternal Father-child relationship with God. Regardless of our past or present, God loves us and invites us to come to Him.

Isaiah experienced this when the angel came to him with the burning coal, not to execute him but to cleanse him so that he could experience God himself.

God in the flesh: it’s a hard thing to wrap our minds around, because it is beyond our limited human comprehension that God could come as a human being to save us. But it’s true. God, in the person of Jesus Christ, was conceived by the power of God’s Holy Spirit in the person of Mary, lived a totally flawless life, spoke and taught in eternal union with the Father, and then somehow, incredibly, took our every flaw, weakness, and sin to the cross to pay the required price for our broken nature and sinful choices. Jesus rose again and is alive today, to come again soon to complete God’s kingdom plan on earth, just as it is in heaven.

The next time you think about Jesus on the cross, remember that God the Father lives above and beyond time and space, so His eternal experience of Jesus’ death on the cross is now, more than just remembering a historical event that occurred some 2,000 years ago in our linear understanding of life. God experiences His son’s death and resurrection now, even as you read this sentence.  He chose this because it was the only way you and I could be saved. He did this out of an unfathomable and perfect love for you and me.

Through Jesus, God gave you and me the opportunity to be his new adopted children, for now and throughout eternity. The Bible says that to all who say “yes” to God through the person of Jesus Christ, we become “co-heirs” with Christ to everything the Father has given to Him.  Jesus is not only our Redeemer, He is also our “first born” (and most-favored) older brother. We will someday even inherit resurrected bodies just like his.

God is not like all imperfect human dads, but a loving Abba-Daddy who longs and searches to hug us, hold us, take care of us, and give us Himself and everything else He knows we need. It’s almost harder for us to understand God’s infinite love for each of us than it is to comprehend His tremendous power.

As for me, I choose to receive God’s love as a total and free gift, and nothing I have ever done, am doing, or will ever do could make the slightest dent in paying Him back for it. I don’t deserve it, but God has called me and made me his eternally loved child. When I embrace this truth I am compelled to sit at Jesus’ feet and worship Him with utter love and abandon for all He is and all He has done for me.

So this is the delicate balance for you to discover and experience:

  • On one side, God’s incomparable, awesome and frightening power.
  • On the other side, God’s undeserved and never-ending love for you and me.

When we personally approach God with this delicate balance we will soar with God and overcome the gravity of human bonds as we worship Him.

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