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Sometimes life hands us choices that either solidify or chisel away at who we are as Christ followers.

A new mattress and foundation were on the list of things to purchase for our new home in Florida.  After some research, Internet searches, and testing various beds we finally decided on one that was available at a store near our new house. With a small down payment, I placed the order and had the store hold our bed until we closed on our house.  When the bed was delivered, I was instructed to call the store and pay the balance over the phone, which I promptly did. I thought the deal was done. A week later I checked our bank statement against the store receipts and realized that the company had undercharged us by a few hundred dollars. At that point life handed me two very different choices:

Choice 1: Leave things the way they are. I’m not proud to admit that there was a small voice inside me saying we could really use that money for other work on the house. The temptation sounded like this: “ It was their mistake, not mine. Why should I have to correct their problem?”

Choice 2: Be who I am in Christ and point out the discrepancy to the store. Jesus said that if we truly love Him, then we will obey His commands, even when it’s not to our temporary advantage. One Scripture passage particularly leaped out at me:

“ O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

“To do what is right” comes from experiencing God and knowing who we are in Christ. The choice was really to forget who I am in Christ and go my own, misguided way; or BE who I am in Christ, and display His glory through loving, personal obedience to His commands. Through prayer and affirmations from my wife and sister—and in the power of the Holy Spirit— I chose to not only DO the right thing but to BE the right thing: a person whose life reflects the integrity of the Lord I love and worship and who paid the price for my soul and eternity.

The next day I went to the store and tried to talk with a salesperson, but he was so busy with other customers that after 20 minutes I had to leave to attend an important meeting. Another day I came back to the store, and the same thing happened again, this time after waiting 30 minutes.  I went home asking God “What are you trying to teach me?” I’m trying to make this right.” That night I remembered the store had a price match policy, so I went online and checked another store for their price. To my amazement, the exact bed was on sale for much less than what we had paid.  The next morning I went to the store with a sheet that showed that we still owed their company money. After explaining this to the sales rep, I also showed him the printed copy of their competitor’s price. After checking the competitor’s website and talking to his supervisor, the salesperson honored their price match policy. Even with this sale price we still owed the store a little, so I paid the balance.

As I was getting ready to leave the store, the salesperson said most people wouldn’t have even given this a second thought but instead would have kept the money.  I told Him I am a follower of Jesus Christ and because of His place in my life I can walk in His power and integrity. Because of this, I choose to do things His way—the right way.

Authentic worship is grounded in God’s presence. It is the power of God within us that enables us to make right choices in every circumstance of life.

God bless you!

Chris Atkins