Rescue Part 2

(This is the second of two posts on this topic. I’ve included the original song “Rescue Me” to accompany these blogs) In my last post, I recounted the time I almost drown as a young child but was rescued by God’s grace through some quick-thinking family and friends. ... read more

Rescue Part 1

(This is the first of two posts on this topic. I’ve included the original song “Rescue Me” to accompany these blogs) When I was 2 years old, my parents took our family to a company picnic. The owner of... read more

Undying Love

Last week I read with heartbreak about a well-known singer who had taken his own life.  As I read the statement from his grieving family, I prayed for his wife and children who are struggling to make sense of the death of their beloved husband and father. I was... read more

Ten lessons in the waiting

Last week was a roller coaster ride for our family. One day we were riding high on the realization that we had a purchase agreement on our Minnesota house and could move forward with plans for a new home in Florida and our ministry there.  Two days later we were in... read more

Water into Wine

(This week I’m including the original song “Water Into Wine” to accompany the blog. Enjoy!) A few short weeks ago the trees in our front yard looked like lifeless sticks whose branches stiffly... read more

Needing God’s Grace on the Road

Take a listen to this week’s song “PeaceDriver”! Sunday morning we were in a hurry to get to church and were looking forward to worshiping God with fellow Christ-followers at the place that has been... read more

Sharing Fries

(This week I’m including the original song “Grace Unleashed” to accompany the blog. Enjoy!) Last weekend my wife Terese and I had the fun privilege of spending time with all our grandkids—not all at... read more

My Friend Charles

In addition to spending time in God’s Word, I also enjoy reading works from well-known Christian authors from the present and the past. Their insights continue to help me grow in my understanding and love of God and the Bible. One of my favorites authors is Charles... read more

Taste and See

My wife and I are big fans of food-related television programs, especially competitive cooking shows. There is one program in particular we watch whenever possible. It’s a show in which four accomplished chefs face off with each other in a limited time period to... read more

SIMM Cards

After worshiping with other believers Sunday morning, I stopped by my local wireless carrier store because my mobile phone wasn’t working. You see, for a day or two my phone wasn’t able to place or receive calls, log onto the Internet, or use any apps that were... read more