Worship Wisdom from Women who Worship

Chris’ note Welcome to my weekly blog! I invite you to take a few moments and share this site ( and Facebook Page with a few friends that God may be prompting you to contact. Last weekend Terese and I (with a team of some of our musician friends) had... read more

Seriously late!

Chris’ note: I appreciate my faithful friends and readers who continue to share my weekly blog with other people! As readership grows, I invite you to take a few moments and share this site ( and Facebook Page  with a few friends that God may be... read more


(This week I include the song “With You Always” to accompany this blog. Please join me in praying for all those affected by Hurricane Irma) Last week I was in Dallas at a conference when the news... read more

Best Of Post (Ten Lessons in Waiting)

This week I am traveling so I am sharing a part of my earlier post, “Ten Lessons in the Waiting” you can read my whole post here and the excerpt below. God’s thoughts are not my thoughts, and His plans and ways are higher and better than my ways (see... read more

Apple Trees (This week I’ve included the original song “Grace Unleashed” to accompany this post. Enjoy!) John and Jodi, two friends of ours, oversee their family’s apple orchard in Western Wisconsin. Every... read more

God’s Plan over our plans

Last Sunday our church celebrated the grand public opening of our new building. Two services were planned for the morning, and all preparations and arrangements were ready…or so we thought! When our staff, techs, and worship musicians arrived at 7 a.m. on Sunday... read more

More than a Feeling

This past Sunday our church in Florida inaugurated a brand new, beautiful ministry building and campus. The morning included a short worship service at the rented facility we were leaving, a long police-escorted car procession to our new facility, and an amazing time... read more

The Deepest Longing

(This week I include the original song” Holy Longing” to accompany this blog) As I write this, I am counting the minutes until I pick up our youngest daughter, Annie from the Orlando airport. I have... read more

Doing and Being the Right Thing

(This week I’ve included the original song “I Will Love You” for you to enjoy. I appreciate your support and help in telling others about my blog) Sometimes life hands us choices that either solidify or chisel away at who we are as Christ followers. A new mattress and... read more

Preparing The Home

(This week I’m sharing the song “With You Always” to accompany this blog) A week and a half ago we signed the final paperwork on our new home in Florida. God’s fingerprints were all over the process... read more