Taste and See

My wife and I are big fans of food-related television programs, especially competitive cooking shows. There is one program in particular we watch whenever possible. It’s a show in which four accomplished chefs face off with each other in a limited time period to... read more

SIMM Cards

After worshiping with other believers Sunday morning, I stopped by my local wireless carrier store because my mobile phone wasn’t working. You see, for a day or two my phone wasn’t able to place or receive calls, log onto the Internet, or use any apps that were... read more


We are in the midst of getting our house ready for sale as we prepare to relocate our ministry to Florida. The past two weeks have seen our lives in upheaval as contractors paraded in and out of our home completing work on the kitchen, floors, and bedrooms. We had to... read more


Last week, after a busy week of ministry and meetings, we had the opportunity to spend half a day at Siesta Key, one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Siesta Key is known not only for its gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico but also for its warm... read more

Best Of…

I am leading worship and away on ministry this week. I will be back with a new blog post next week. In the meantime, enjoy this “best of” blog. God bless you! Chris My wife Terese and I just returned from a week visiting our daughter who is studying in Seoul, South... read more

Awards and Rewards

(I’m including the song “I Will Love You” to accompany this blog. Enjoy!) This is the season of awards in the entertainment industry.  Each year people in the music and movie... read more


It’s a winter Monday morning in Minnesota, and the alarm reminds me that I plan to go for a run and then workout at a local gym.  In my not-so-awake state, I groan at the thought that I don’t feel like exercising today. In this moment I realize I have a choice to... read more


Yesterday I went to a local home improvement store to return some unused items I purchased for a small kitchen project.  Directly in front of me was a man who had several things he planned on returning, including a level that was obviously used, worn, and scratched. ... read more

Worst Loss or Greatest Win?

The morning after Super Bowl 51, I listened to a local sports talk radio program where the announcers debated whether this was the greatest win or the worst loss in Super Bowl history.  In this American football championship game, the New England Patriots overcame a... read more

Surf’s Up

In the middle of a week where I facilitated worship breakout sessions with many talented and dedicated musicians, creative people, and pastors from around the country, my wife and I decided to take some time alone. Since we were close to the Pacific Ocean, we took the... read more