About Chris Atkins


Chris Atkins is a worship leader, pastor, ministry consultant, and songwriter with a passion for helping individuals experience God’s indwelling presence. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Christian Ministry from Bethel University and has served as an adjunct professor, teaching worship to seminary students. With thirty years experience serving God and His church, Atkins shares spiritual, ministerial, and practical lessons in worship conferences, speaking engagements, videos, and written works. In The Isaiah Encounter, he draws lessons for living a life of worship based on Isaiah’s momentous face-to-face encounter with God.


Chris has recorded several albums (including “The Heart of a Friend” “Soul River”, and “Last Night on Earth”) and has appeared in several original music videos and television programs. Chris’ original music comes from his own experiences, and has touched the hearts of thousands seeking an authentic experience of God in their lives. Many churches have Chris’ original worship music in their repertoire.


Chris is married to his wife Terese, and lives near Minneapolis, MN. They have four children. Chris serves as the Executive director of Grace Unleashed, a Christian outreach organization.

Chris is currently serving at Live Oaks Community Church in The Villages, Florida.